ANA plane at SFO before boardingI recently flew ANA Flight 007  between San Francisco (SFO) and Narita International Airport (NRT) on a Boeing 77W aircraft.

Also known as Tokyo Narita Airport  — it’s located 37 miles east of central Tokyo — Narita is Japan’s second largest and busiest international airport. The airport is the main international hub for All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. — better know as ANA.

Flight Review ANA Business Class

Boarding ANA flight 007 in San Francisco was very efficient. The roughly 10 hour flight was on time and even pushed back early from the gate.

takeoff from San Francisco - ANA flight 007

With a large window by my seat, I had a great view of the departure runway as we were about to depart San Francisco International airport.

ANA Business Class On Board Experience

Business class seat - ANA flight 007The business class seat on this flight was spacious. side table - Business class - ANA flight 007The seat included a huge side table for storage.

ANA entertainment screen -- ANA flight 007The business class seats also had large television and entertainment screen. Under the screen was a large tray table to pull out for working or dining.

foot area -- Business class seat - ANA flight 007The only draw back for me was the area for your feet. It was not a very tall space.  I have big (US size 13) feet, and could not put my feet up in the space. To fit,  I had to lay on my side and have my feet sideways.

amenity kit -- Business class - ANA flight 007

The amenity kit included an eye mask, ear plugs and dental kit, along with a facial mist, lotion and lip balm.  Amenities also included a bedding pad which made the seat much easier to sleep on.

Food and Service

ANA Business Class offered excellent food and service. The menu included  both Japanese and western dishes.Amuse - Business class - ANA flight 007

The main meal started with a amuse of roasted duck pincho, smoked fish canape, and dried fig with cream cheese.

appetizer and soup - Business class - ANA flight 007

The appetizer was grilled cajun prawn and prosciutto. Corn soup was served at  the same time.

My main course entree choice was the beef filet with spicy Japanese style sauce.

The Business Class wine selection on ANA flight 007 featured a good selection of Washington, California and Australian wines.

I also enjoyed the Suntory Hibiki 17 year Japanese Whisky.

ANA offered a list of “light dishes anytime” for business class customers to enjoy anytime after the first meal service was complete.

For a mid-flight snack,  I opted for the  IPPUDO ramen. It was the best ramen I’ve every had from a package (the fight attendants prepared it for passengers.)

I enjoyed this ramen so much that I ordered this similar Nissin Instant Cup Ramen Ippudo Ramen from Amazon after I returned to the U.S.

There was one more meal service before arrival.

This was veal and mushroom stew with gnocchi, served with bread and fruit.

Overall, I give the ANA Business Class high marks for its food and service.

Jeff in Business Class -- ANA flight 007The seat could be a little larger to be more comfortable for a 6 ft, 6 inch (or 2 meters) tall guy like myself.

Have you flown ANA? How did you enjoy the experience? 

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