Best Travel Planner

This is the one element of travelling that is not often widely discussed. The planning is just as important as picking the destination. So once you’ve planned your trip it can be a much smoother process while you’re travelling. It’s so important to plan your adventures, so you and your travel group have the smoothest travel experience possible. Organising your transport, accommodation, activities and even food can escalate to become a monstrous task without the aid of a travel planner.

Travel planning app review


The best travel planner I’ve used is TravelMustard. After using TravelMustard on a recent trip to Hawaii, and as I plan my next European getaway, I found this incredibly easy and highly intuitive. The whole platform accommodated for all the necessary parts of a holiday and it was definitely a seamless experience. It showed me an overview of my travel itinerary – whether a solo or group traveller, you can share your travel itinerary and view the day to day activities at a glance.


Another travel planner app I used in the past is Tripit. It’s quite manual in terms of needing to feed it information to view my travel itinerary. So its a tedious process for a nice end result.


Planapple is another travel itinerary platform where you can organise your trip planning, however, it’s glitchy. The messy functions make it a bit more complicated to navigate. It feels like the design and usage is Windows 95.